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A Declaration on the Rights of Children and Families:  A Call from Children of the World

For years the UN has been calling on governments to “hear the children,” meaning to let them have a say in government, to establish mechanisms such as “children’s parliaments” for them to be heard and to even put children on their UN delegations so they can influence UN policies. 


Yet anti-family UN lobbying groups and UN bureaucrats constantly hand pick children to attend UN meetings who have been carefully groomed to promote radical sexual rights and other things harmful to children.  The “Bali Global Forum Youth Declaration” is a good example. (Click here to see our past report on this.) 


This radical Bali Youth Declaration claims that what children and youth around the world really want are rights to abortion, to be able to express their sexuality, experience sexual pleasure, and to legalize prostitution and same-sex marriage among other things. Often these youth have little or no understanding of what they are advocating.


We know from past experience that when children honestly and sincerely present their views and concerns, it has a huge impact on policymakers. We know that they can help focus the world’s leaders on the language of existing UN documents that are now too often ignored. This is why the “Declaration on the Rights of Children and Their Families” came about.


The Declaration states that each child has a right to:




A Family


A Married Mother and Father


The Protection and Guidance of Their Parents 


An Education


A Religion


Innocence and Childhood


And that the Protection of Children Requires

the Protection of the Family



This Declaration was presented by a delegation of children to UN diplomats at a United Nations meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday, September 12 and will be presented at future UN meetings as well. 



Surely this Declaration was meant for such a time as this as children and families from all around the world arise and call upon governments to protect their families and the right of children to grow up in a loving, stable home guided by their parents.



We urge you and/or your children to sign the “Declaration on the Rights of Children and Their Families.


Here is how you can help!

Sign the Declaration yourself. 
 We encourage all the adults to sign the "Declaration on the Rights of Children and Families."
Discuss this Declaration with your children.

If you are a parent, discuss this Declaration with your children who are old enough to understand its basic principles.  This can be an opportunity to teach them about the importance of defending marriage and the rights of children and their families.

Help your child sign the Declaration.

If a child is old enough to understand the Declaration, and wants to sign it themselves, they may do so, but only with a parent or legal guardian’s permission. 

* Older children may use their own email address with parent permission, but young children should use a parent or guardian's email address when signing.
Share the Declaration with others.
Send this link on to others whom you think might also be interested in signing the Declaration or who might encourage their children to also sign.  The more people and countries represented, the more impact it will have.


Note:  We request the email address of the parent or legal guardian for young children who sign the Declaration.  Use of a parent or legal guardian's email address is an additional safety precaution intended to protect your child. 


An adult may use their email address multiple times to sign the Declaration personally and for each child in your household.


To protect privacy, no email addresses will ever be made public and only your child’s first name and country will be distributed with any statements in support of the Declaration.  Entering their last names is optional.